When W.K. Kellogg founded Kellogg Company in 1906, he had no way of knowing that his fledgling business would grow to become among the most recognized and respected companies in the world. All he knew was he wanted to help people enjoy a healthier, more nutritious breakfast — and he was determined to succeed.

Although more than a century has passed and our product portfolio has expanded beyond breakfast, we have never lost sight of the principles put in place by our founder. Despite the ever more rapidly evolving landscape in which we compete today, Kellogg Company remains as committed to enriching the lives of our consumers worldwide.

Our strategy is simple and is composed of four pillars: Win in Breakfast; Be a Global Snacks Powerhouse; Double our Emerging Market Engine; and Win Where the Shopper Shops. These pillars guide all that we do from the pursuit of acquisitions to the launch of new products.

Underlying all these actions, however, remains our commitment to driving profitable growth. We invest in brand-building activities and innovation to increase sales and improve mix, we limit spending on overhead, and we increase profitability; it is this profitability that is then used to fund the cycle again.

Our strategy and operating model are clear and they are driving focus and improved results. We are very proud of our company’s heritage, and are very excited about our potential.

Project K

Project K is a four-year efficiency and effectiveness program. It is driving the creation of new and improved capabilities in various parts of the company. In addition, it is also creating the supply chain of the future and a global business services structure; the latter is streamlining some functional areas within the company.

Project K is a significantly-sized project, which is expected to generate between $425 and $475 million of annual cost-savings by 2018. These savings, in addition to those generated by our zero-based budgeting efforts, will provide the company the opportunity to make significant investments in the business while improving margins.

2020 Growth Plan



2020 Growth Plan: Turning Strategy into Action

With the launch of our 2020 Growth Plan, we are putting strategy into action throughout our Kellogg world. Our strategy is built on four primary pillars of strength and opportunity: winning in breakfast, being a global snacking powerhouse, doubling our emerging markets engine and winning where the shoppers shop. While we have faced challenges in many parts of our business over the past few years, we are encouraged by the progress we made in 2015.

Win in Breakfast. Breakfast remains a growing meal occasion that generates more than $400 billion in sales globally each year. It also comprises about 45 percent of our global sales. We know that tastes and preferences for breakfast have been changing, which we view as an opportunity for our business. During the past year, we have focused on our four largest cereal markets, namely the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia. We have made strides in delivering foods our customers want, improving the relevance of the cereal category, and reinventing the in-store experience.

Beyond our core markets, we have worked hard to accelerate cereal growth in emerging markets, where vast potential exists. Today, we have a billion-dollar cereal business in these markets — which grew at 6.5 percent in 2015.* We believe the strong category development model we’ve put in place will allow us to double the size of this business by the end of 2020.

We have also taken important steps to realize our full potential, taking advantage of one of the largest opportunities in the category: expanding out-of-breakfast cereal consumption. Because cereal has such a strong breakfast position and is usually in the pantry, many people also eat it as a snack. In fact, you could argue that the benefits of eating cereal at breakfast — it’s healthy, tasty, light and convenient — are even more compelling when compared to foods typically considered to be snacks. This is why more than 30 percent of all cereal in the U.S. is eaten as a snack. Although that number is only 10-20 percent in the U.K., Canada and Australia, cereal eaten as a snack is already a billion snacking business for us in these markets.

If we can drive snacking on cereal to U.S. levels not only in our developed markets, but in emerging markets as well, it would be one of our biggest growth areas in all of breakfast. We have begun targeting our brand messaging on special occasions and have expanded the availability of convenient cup and on-the-go packaging, which is allowing us to drive cereal-as-snack growth in both developed and emerging markets.

Be a Global Snacks Powerhouse. The snack foods market has been another important focus of our strategy for very good reasons. Snacks generate $230 billion in total worldwide sales annually and represent almost 50 percent of our global sales. The good news is that Kellogg has already begun to unleash the untapped growth potential in this space. A perfect example of our how we’re fulfilling our mission to become a global snacking powerhouse can be found in our growing Pringles business, our largest brand today. With great innovations like Pringles Tortillas, we expect continued great rates of growth from this business. Though we excelled in 2015, we know we’ve barely scratched the surface of Pringles’ growth potential.

Wholesome Snacks is another area of focus for us. Last year we renovated our snack foods to be more on trend with consumer preferences. People are looking for healthier, natural, all-day snacking choices with visible ingredients such as granola, fruits and nuts. This should allow us to improve our performance in developed markets while unlocking new opportunities in emerging markets with exciting new food innovations and more attractive pricing and packaging options.

An important part of our snacks strategy has focused on accelerating growth in our U.S. cookies and crackers business. Our goal is to accelerate further the growth of our Cheez-It brand, while expanding on-the-go offerings across our entire cracker portfolio. We are well on our way, taking an ever bigger bite of the snacks category with our increasingly popular brands.

Build a $1 Billion Next-Generation Natural Business. A natural next step for Kellogg is our plan to create a sustainable, global next-generation natural (NGN) foods business spanning both cereal and snacks. We aim to leverage new and existing assets — primarily our U.S.-based Kashi business, but also regional assets where they exist, such as our Be Natural brand in Australia — to create a portfolio of NGN products that meet the needs of Food Forward consumers around the world.

Because it is at least a $1 billion opportunity by 2020 and is growing in size, next-generation natural is an important part of our 2020 Growth Plan.

An important focus of our strategy is to meet the changing tastes of our consumers. This includes “Food Forwards,” a unique group that seeks out very progressive food forms, ingredients and even packaging. These consumers represent 30 percent of the adult population, so we have taken action. Food Forwards are typically well-informed, highly engaged, and active in the digital space — in fact, many are digital natives — and they demand full transparency regarding where the foods they eat come from and how they are made. Successfully differentiating ourselves and creating a competitive advantage will hinge on our ability to deliver market-leading food innovation, become thought leaders with NGN customers and leverage an engaged exposure marketing model in which consumers become direct participants in creating and evolving the brand experience.

Double Our Emerging Market Engine. As I’ve already mentioned, emerging markets hold untold potential for our business. That is why our Growth Plan sets a goal of essentially doubling our emerging markets business by 2020. This is possible because 80 percent of our sales today comes from a mere 20 percent of the global population, which translates into tremendous growth opportunity.

For instance, we are working to triple our business in Arabia, while doubling it in Russia. Recent acquisitions in Egypt, such as Bisco Misr and Mass Foods Group, are providing us with the manufacturing capabilities, talent and an established go-to-market infrastructure needed to bolster our iconic brand portfolio and position us to grow in Egypt and other North African countries. And in 2015, the Russian team grew market share and consistently delivered on its operating profit targets.

As for our Asian business, we enjoyed strong double‐digit growth over the past year, something we expect to continue. Our businesses in Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia all posted double-digit currency-neutral comparable sales growth in 2015. As the needs of consumers in the region continue to evolve, we feel there is significant opportunity for growth with our portfolio of breakfast and snack foods that are healthy, grain-based, tasty, convenient and affordable.

With a billion potential consumers in the African marketplace, we see enormous growth opportunities throughout the continent over the next decade. We have a great existing business in South Africa and we are making great strides in expanding our presence into North Africa and Arabia, as well in the sub-Saharan region.

In September, we announced that we had invested in a 50 percent stake in Multipro, a premier sales and distribution company in Nigeria and Ghana. We also announced the creation of a joint venture with Tolaram Africa, one of the largest food companies in West Africa. This region is experiencing explosive growth with a growing middle class. Given that Nigeria alone has Africa’s largest population and economy, we envision our investments across Africa having a transformational impact on our business in the years to come.

Mexico is another focus of our growth plan. We intend to continue to grow our Mexican business by targeting high-frequency stores, which is where most breakfast items are purchased. We are also looking to unlock our potential in Brazil, where a robust economy and large population base offer ample opportunity for dramatic growth.

Win Where the Shopper Shops. Changing consumer tastes and shopping preferences are fueling our emphasis on winning where the shoppers shop. We know we need to make our products available everywhere people may be looking to purchase and consume our foods. Cereal has historically been the heart of our business. As our cereal and snack businesses have reached sales parity, we are evolving as a company. Cereal has also become increasingly popular as a snacking option, which is changing the paradigm.

Success in the world of snacks is all about making certain our products are within arm’s reach. With this in mind, we have begun to rethink how we connect our food with our customers. From high-frequency stores in emerging markets to impulse and specialty channels in our developed markets, we are making sure Kellogg products can be found wherever people shop worldwide. It’s true, we have long been very good at serving large grocery stores, but the changing marketplace has us focused on being equally great in serving other growing channels that cater to snacks. We’ve also been hard at work powering up our business in the e-commerce space, so that we can achieve a leading share of the online marketplace.

*Currency-neutral comparable net sales

2015 Results

FY 2015 Results

Review of 2015

In keeping with the goals laid out in our 2020 Growth Plan, 2015 showed positive results over the previous year. Many of our businesses saw sales growth such as U.S. Specialty Channels, European Snacks, Latin America and Asia Pacific. We believe this is a strong validation of our strategy and bodes well for the future.

Our full-year currency-neutral comparable revenue growth was 1.2 percent, currency-neutral comparable operating profit declined by 2.3 percent, and currency-neutral comparable earnings were $3.81 per share. It is worth noting that the results for operating profit and earnings per share were impacted negatively by the rebasing of incentive compensation; for example, without this impact full-year operating profit would have increased by approximately 1 percent. Full-year cash flow from operations, less capital expenditures, was $1.1 billion, which exceeded our original expectations. And we continued to make important progress executing Project K and implementing zero-based budgeting in 2015; both Project K and zero-based budgeting are programs designed to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. So, the performance we achieved has set a solid base for continued growth in the coming year.

We saw improvement as the year progressed in the U.S. Morning Foods business where we posted a decline in comparable sales of 1.6 percent. We worked hard to improve the fundamentals, emphasizing brand building and new product launches, such as the introduction of our new granolas and müeslis. And we put fun back in the box with Avengers and Disney’s Frozen-themed cereals. Our progress in Morning Foods has us optimistic about this business as we roll into 2016.

The U.S. Snacks business posted a decrease in currency-neutral comparable sales of 1.6 percent in 2015. However, we saw sequential improvement in consumption in the cookie, cracker, wholesome snacks, and Pringles businesses as we ended the year. Cheez-It continued to perform well in the Cracker category, Rice Krispies Treats posted good growth in the Wholesome Snacks category, and performance improved in the Cookie category. One of the powerhouses behind U.S. Snacks continues to be the Pringles business, which posted low-single-digit sales growth, building on mid-to-high-single-digit growth last year. Pringles posted growth across all channels, including Club and Convenience. The Snacks team has been doing a lot of work in each of the categories, which resulted in the improvement we saw last year.

Currency-neutral comparable net sales in the U.S. Specialty Channels business increased by 0.7 percent last year. The Convenience, Girl Scouts and Vending channels all posted growth. The performance in Foodservice was driven by the growth of wholegrain cereal and wholesome snack offerings in the K-12 school business and share gains in on-the-go segment. In addition, we also saw excellent, broad-based growth across the categories in the Convenience channel and we’ve grown share in the Cereal, Cracker, Wholesome Snack, Salty Snack and Cookie categories. One success story in Specialty has been our new Zip Dips product that brings Pringles and dip together in a winning combination. Zip Dips won the 2015 Retailer Choice award for best new product in the Convenience channel and helped the overall Pringles business post strong rates of growth.

Comparable sales in the U.S. Other segment, which is composed of the U.S. Frozen Foods, Kashi and Canadian businesses, declined by 3.2 percent in 2015. In Frozen Foods, our Eggo hand-held sandwiches continued to perform well. In Kashi, our recent innovation has been well received and overall consumption trends improved significantly as the year progressed, as we expected. And we’re increasingly confident about 2016. We’re focused on progressive nutrition and have some great introductions planned. In fact, our total weight of innovation in 2016 is twice what it was in 2015.

As for the Canadian business, comparable net sales increased at low-single-digit rate. We have plans to introduce new products and programs in 2016, although we expect the business to be negatively impacted by transactional foreign exchange.

With regard to the European business, overall currency-neutral comparable sales declined by 0.6 percent last year. The Pringles business in Europe, however, had an outstanding year, posting double-digit sales growth. Importantly, we grew share in both the U.K. and Germany for the full year. We have some exciting activity planned for Pringles in 2016. This includes a soccer-themed promotion timed to coincide with the Euros soccer tournament and the continued rollout of Pringles Tortilla in the region.

While sales in the European cereal business declined, we improved our plans for Special K and Crunchy Nut in the U.K., saw good performance from Extra in Italy, and invested in Kellogg’s-branded granola in Germany. And we recently launched the Ancient Legends brands in the region. These are great products, which include ingredients like spelt, apples, sultanas and chia seeds. We also have new foods coming across the region in 2016, including the relaunched Special K bars and new products made with fruits, nuts and seeds. We expect improvement to continue in 2016 as we launch great new products, invest for growth and focus on execution.

We also had a good year in the Latin American region in 2015. Despite challenging conditions driven by slowing economies and weakening currencies, the business achieved currency-neutral comparable sales growth of 24.6 percent; this was largely due to the impact of pricing in Venezuela. Sales growth in Mexico was driven by great performance in the cereal business. We gained share in the Cereal category later in the year and we saw improved performance from our adult-oriented cereals. We also gained share in Brazil for the year. These gains were partially the result of parent-brand innovation and support. We launched Ancient Grains in Brazil in the fourth quarter, and in the Andean region in the first quarter of 2016. We also have Special K protein, and granola with quinoa, planned for introduction.

Sales in the region’s snack business also increased, thanks to better execution, good innovation, and Pringles strength. In fact, the Pringles business grew at a double-digit rate. Commercial innovation, strong execution and promotional programs drove growth, and we expect continued good performance from the brand in 2016. Additionally, our focus on high-frequency stores continues to drive results in convenience and mini-superstores in Mexico, and in smaller mom-and-pop stores in Colombia. We've also had success driving sales growth through packaging initiatives designed for affordability and accessibility in various areas of the business.

Our Latin America team has done a great job managing through challenging economic conditions, and we expect continued good performance from the region in 2016.

We are pleased with the performance of the Asia Pacific region, which posted currency-neutral comparable sales growth of four percent in 2015. Results in Asia were very good with many of the countries in the region seeing double-digit sales growth as the result of excellent innovation and great support. We also saw strong high-single-digit sales growth in the region’s Pringles business, which was the result of broad-based growth across markets. The environment in Australia remained challenging with category performance continuing to decline. But, with the granola and müesli segments growing well and execution remaining strong, we expect to address this weakness in the year ahead. We expect another year of good performance from the total region in 2016.

2015 Annual Report


Outlook For 2016 (a)

  • We expect currency-neutral comparable net sales to grow at low-single-digit rate, in-line with our long-term target...
  • ...and we expect currency-neutral comparable operating profit to grow at mid-single-digit rate, in-line with our long-term target

(a) Currency-neutral comparable sales and operating profit exclude the impact of acquisitions, dispositions, currency translation, differences in the number of shipping days, mark-to-market adjustments, integration costs, costs related to Project K, Venezuela remeasurement, VIE deconsolidation, and other items that could affect comparability where applicable.


John A. Bryant Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Kellogg Company

John Bryant has been Chairman of the Board of Kellogg Company since July 1, 2014. In this role, he also chairs the Executive Committee of the Board. Mr. Bryant was named President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2011. He has been a member of Kellogg Company’s Board of Directors since July 2010.

Mr. Bryant joined Kellogg Company in 1998 and has held a variety of roles including Chief Financial Officer; President, North America; President, International; and Chief Operating Officer before becoming Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Bryant received a degree from the Australian National University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Bryant serves as a Trustee of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Trust. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Catalyst, The Consumer Goods Forum, and Macy’s, Inc.

Craig Bahner President, U.S. Morning Foods, Kellogg Company

Craig Bahner joined Kellogg Company in July 2015 as President, U.S. Morning Foods. He is also a member of the company’s Global Leadership Team.

Prior to joining Kellogg, Mr. Bahner assumed the role of Chief Marketing Officer of Wendy’s in April 2012. In this role, he was responsible for all brand building, marketing, and culinary innovation efforts for the Wendy’s brand, which has sales of $9.5 billion across 6,500 company and franchise owned restaurants. He also led Wendy’s pricing, business analytics, consumer insights and digital consumer engagement efforts.

Prior to Wendy’s, Mr. Bahner held a successful 20-year career with The Procter & Gamble Company, where he helped drive growth for some of the most important and competitive businesses in the portfolio of the global consumer products leader. His most recent assignment was Vice President and General Manager of P&G’s $2.2 billion Hair Care & Colorant business in North America. Prior to that, he was based in Kobe, Japan, and was Vice President and General Manager of P&G’s Northeast Asia Fabric & Home Care business. Mr. Bahner sits on the Board of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, as well as The Ohio State University Board of Trustees Advancement Committee.

Mr. Bahner holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, and also serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council at the Fisher College of Business.

Amit Banati President, Asia Pacific, Kellogg Company

Amit Banati has been President, Asia Pacific, Kellogg Company, since March 2012. He is also a member of the company’s Global Leadership Team.

Prior to joining Kellogg Company, Mr. Banati served in a variety of board and leadership roles at Kraft Foods, Cadbury Schweppes and Procter & Gamble. He has worked extensively across the Asia Pacific region, particularly in Australia, India, China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and Singapore.

At Kraft Foods, he was President, North Asia and Asia Pacific strategy, leading the company’s operations in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. He also led the integration of the Kraft and Cadbury businesses in the Asia Pacific region following Kraft’s acquisition of Cadbury Schweppes.

Prior to that, Mr. Banati served as President, Pacific, for Cadbury Schweppes, leading its Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Singapore operations. He was also a member of the company’s Chief Executive Committee.

He received a Bachelor’s degree in commerce from Calcutta University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow.

Jim Cali Senior Vice President Global Snacks Category, Kellogg Company

Jim Cali has been Senior Vice President, Global Snacks Category, Kellogg Company, since March 2015. He also serves on the Global Growth Leadership Team and the Global Leadership Team.

Mr. Cali has more than 28 years’ experience in sales, marketing, innovation and general management across the snacking and healthcare industries.

Most recently, Mr. Cali worked as a consultant, advising companies on growth, innovation and organizational capability strategies. He previously was with Mondelēz International, where he led the global innovation practice and snacking strategy development.

Mr. Cali earlier served as Senior Vice President and Global Director for the company’s $6 billion gum and candy business.

Prior to Mondelēz, Mr. Cali was with Cadbury Schweppes, where he sat on the chief Executive Committee with responsibility for its global gum and candy categories. Earlier he was Executive Vice President and Commercial Director for Cadbury Americas Confectionary.

Mr. Cali began his career with Warner-Lambert Co., a pharmaceuticals and consumer products firm subsequently acquired by Pfizer, for which he held various marketing, sales and general management roles in the U.S., U.K. and Japan.

Mr. Cali received a Master of Business Administration degree from Columbia Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University.

Kris Charles Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs, Kellogg Company

Kris Charles leads the global Communications, Philanthropy, Sustainability and Government Relations functions for Kellogg Company, the world's leading cereal company; second largest producer of cookies, crackers and savory snacks; and a leading North American frozen foods company.

She is a member of Kellogg Company’s global executive leadership team (GLT), the global growth leadership team, and the North America leadership team. She serves as the company’s lead corporate spokesperson and oversees the company’s annual global Corporate Responsibility report.

Kellogg Company believes that every child deserves to start the day with the power of breakfast. Through Breakfasts for Better Days, the company’s signature global cause, already Kellogg has provided more than 1.7 billion servings of food to children and families in need around the world in the last 3 years.

She began her Kellogg career in 2006 and has more than 25 years of experience within the food industry. Prior to joining Kellogg, Kris held a variety of communications roles with Kraft Foods. Previously, she led public relations programs for food industry clients at both Edelman Public Relations Worldwide and Powers & Associates Advertising and Public Relations.

Kris serves as the President of the Board of Trustees for the Kellogg Company Fund, is a Board member of the Kellogg Company 25-Year Employees’ Fund, Inc., and is a Board member for Family & Children Services.

She is also the global Executive Sponsor of the company’s Women of Kellogg employee resource group.

Kris graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and public relations from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Wendy Davidson President U.S. Specialty Channels, Kellogg North America

Wendy Davidson joined Kellogg Company as President, U.S. Specialty Channels in October 2013. She is a member of the company’s Global Leadership Team, the Kellogg North American Leadership Team, the Global Snacks and Global Breakfast Operating Councils, and the K Pride & Allies (KPA) and Women of Kellogg (WOK) networks.

Previously, Ms. Davidson held executive leadership roles with McCormick & Company as Vice President, Consumer Food Manufacturing, U.S. and Latin America and Vice President, Custom Flavor Solutions, Industrial Foods Americas. She served on the company’s D&I Executive Steering Team and Global Industrial Strategic Council.

Prior to McCormick, Ms. Davidson spent 16 years as a part of the executive team at Tyson Foods Inc., working in progressively increasing roles in general management, operations, sales and marketing. Among them, she served as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Prepared Foods; Group Vice President, Food Service Group; and Senior Vice President and General Manager, McDonald’s Business Unit. She was named Tyson Food Service Marketer of the Year in 1998 and served on the company's Compensation, Finance and Animal Welfare Committees, Strategic Leadership Team, Executive Diversity Business Council and Mentoring Program.

Ms. Davidson holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science and sociology from Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, where she is a member of the Board of Regents. She serves as Vice Chair on the Board Executive Committee and Chair of the Institutional Planning & Board Affairs Committee.

Previously, Ms. Davidson served as the 2016 Chair of the Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) Board of Directors, and a member of the Board of Directors for the Ozark Affiliate of Susan G. Komen, the Resource Advisory Council for the United Way of Northwest Arkansas, Treasurer for the Multicultural Foodservice Hospitality Alliance Board of Directors and the New School Board of Directors in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

She was named to NW Arkansas Business Journal’s "40 under 40" in 2004 and "Diamond Decade" in 2006 and received the Luminary Award in 2016 from Girl Scouts of Chicago and NW Indiana.

David Denholm Chief Executive Officer, Kashi Company

David Denholm has been Chief Executive Officer, Kashi Company since 2014. He is also a member of the company’s Global Leadership Team and the North America Region Leadership Team.

Mr. Denholm rejoined Kellogg Company in 2014 from Chobani, Inc., where he served as President and Chief Operating Officer.

Prior to this, Mr. Denholm worked for Kellogg Company for 10 years, joining in 2003 as Director, Business Development. In 2004, he was promoted to General Manager for Kashi, which achieved strong growth under his leadership. Mr. Denholm was promoted to Managing Director, Kellogg Australia/New Zealand in 2006, and to President, Kellogg Asia Pacific in September 2008. In 2011, he was promoted to President, U.S. Morning Foods, and Senior Vice President, Kellogg Company.

Mr. Denholm received bachelor’s degrees in economics from the University of Queensland, and in accounting from the Queensland University of Technology. He also received a master’s of business degree in marketing from Queensland University of Technology.

Mr. Denholm is also a Certified Practicing Accountant.

Fareed Khan Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Kellogg Company

Fareed Khan has been Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Principal Financial Officer, Kellogg Company since February 21, 2017. He is a member of the company’s Global Leadership Team.

Before joining Kellogg, Mr. Khan was CFO at US Foods Holding Corp. where he oversaw a number of growth and transformational strategies, including leading the company’s Initial Public Offering in 2016.

Prior to US Foods, Mr. Khan served as Senior Vice President and CFO at United Stationers, and spent 12 years at USG Corporation in a variety of finance, business and leadership roles, including Executive Vice President of Finance and Strategy, President and CEO of USG Building Systems, and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Mr. Khan’s experience also includes service at McKinsey & Company as a management consultant in the U.S. and Europe.

Mr. Khan holds a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, and a Master’s of Business Administration degree from the University of Chicago.

Deanie Elsner President, U.S. Snacks, Kellogg Company

Deanie Elsner has been President, U.S. Snacks, Kellogg Company, since August 2015. She is also a member of the company’s Global Leadership Team and Kellogg North America Leadership Team.

Prior to joining Kellogg Company, Ms. Elsner served as Kraft Foods Chief Marketing Officer. During her 20-year tenure with Kraft, Ms. Elsner served in a variety of leadership roles including, President, Beverages, and President, Kraft Foods European Coffee business. She also held a variety of marketing management positions in Grocery and Kraft’s former pizza business, and served as the European Marketing Services lead.

Prior to joining Kraft, Ms. Elsner worked in Sales for Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

Ms. Elsner has served on the Board of Directors of the Ad Council and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Ms. Elsner received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Arizona and a Master’s of Business Administration degree in Marketing and Finance from the University of Chicago.

Alistair Hirst Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Kellogg Company

Alistair Hirst has been Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Kellogg Company, since 2012. He is also a member of the company’s Global Leadership Team.

Mr. Hirst joined Kellogg Company in 1984 as a Food Technologist at the Springs, South Africa, plant. While at the facility, he was promoted to Quality Assurance Manager and Production Manager.

In 1993, he accepted an assignment at the company’s Botany, Australia, plant as Production Manager. In 1994, he returned to South Africa when he was promoted to Plant Manager, and in 1997, he was named Director, Supply Chain at the facility. Mr. Hirst relocated to the Manchester, England, facility in 2001 when promoted to Director, Procurement, and in 2004, he was named European Logistics Director. In January 2005, he relocated to the U.S. when promoted to Vice President, Global Procurement. Mr. Hirst was promoted to Senior Vice President, Snacks Supply Chain, in January 2008 and to Senior Vice President, North America Supply Chain, in October 2011.

Mr. Hirst received a Bachelor’s degree from Leeds University, England.

Chris Hood President, Kellogg Europe

Chris Hood has been President, Kellogg Europe, since October 2013. He is also a member of the company’s Global Leadership Team.

Chris joined The Procter and Gamble Company in 1993, and had a distinguished 19 year career in Marketing and General Management, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He joined Kellogg Company in 2012 as the Vice President of European Snacks.

Chris has held a number of board roles across the food and beverage industry. He is currently serving on the board of Food Drink Europe and the European Brands Association. He also serves on the boards of the Kellogg-Ulker joint venture in Turkey, and the Bisco Misr Company in Egypt, a Kellogg subsidiary. He is a former board member of the U.S. Snack Food Association and the European Snacks Association.

Mr. Hood received a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Melissa Howell Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, Kellogg Company

Melissa Howell has been Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, Kellogg Company, since June 2016. She is also a member of the company’s Global Leadership team.

Prior to joining Kellogg, Ms. Howell was Chief Human Resource Officer for Rockford, Mich.-based Wolverine since 2014. Prior to Wolverine, Melissa spent 24 years with General Motors where she led a team of 2,800 Human Resource professionals worldwide, supporting a global business at one of the top automotive companies in the world, and also among the largest public corporations.

Ms. Howell joined General Motors as a Labor Relations Representative at its Ypsilanti, Mich., assembly plant in 1990. Over the following years, Melissa served in a series of key human resource leadership roles in Europe, Asia and U.S. leading teams on six continents across an array of functional areas. She was promoted to Executive Director of North American Human Resources in 2011 and subsequently promoted to Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources.

Ms. Howell received a Master’s of Arts degree in Industrial Relations from Wayne State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Employee Relations from Michigan State University.

Michael Hunter Vice President, Global Sales, Kellogg Company

Michael Hunter has been Vice President, Global Sales, Kellogg Company, since May 2015. He is also a member of the company’s Global Leadership Team.

Mr. Hunter leads the Global Sales Center of Excellence and is accountable for building sales commercialization capabilities across the globe through Sales Learning & Development, Category Management, Channel Development and Revenue Management. Most recently, he was Vice President, European Sales Organization.

Mr. Hunter joined Kellogg Company in 1994 and has over 20 years of sales experience across the Kellogg Company. Having held a variety of Sales Leadership roles within the U.K., he transitioned to the U.S. in 2005 where he held a variety of sales leadership and sales strategy roles across the cereal, snacks and frozen foods business units. In 2012, Mr. Hunter moved to Dublin, Ireland as Vice President, Sales Strategy Cereal and in 2014 was named Vice President, European Sales.

Prior to joining Kellogg Company, Mr. Hunter held a number of management roles at J. Sainsbury PLC.

Mr. Hunter received his qualifications in Business and Finance in Northern Ireland and has also studied at Manchester Business School.

Andrew Loucks President, U.S. Frozen Foods, Kellogg Company

Andrew Loucks has been President, U.S. Frozen Foods, Kellogg Company, since December 2013. He is also a member of the company’s Global Leadership Team.

Mr. Loucks joined Kellogg Canada Inc. in 2002 as a Brand Manager and held several positions prior to relocating and working in U.S. Morning Foods Division in Battle Creek. Upon his return to Canada, he assumed several successive roles including Senior Director Ready-to-Eat Cereal and Innovation across all categories prior to assuming his current role. In 2010, he was promoted to Vice President, Marketing, Kellogg Canada, Inc.

Prior to joining Kellogg Canada, Mr. Loucks spent several years working in various sales and marketing roles within Unilever and Bristol Myers Squibb.

Mr. Loucks completed his studies in business administration at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada.

Maria Fernanda Mejia Senior Vice President, Kellogg Company, President, Kellogg Latin America

Maria Fernanda Mejia is Senior Vice President, Kellogg Company, and President, Kellogg Latin America, a position she has held since November 2011. She is also a member of the Global Leadership team.

Ms. Mejia previously held a variety of global marketing and management roles at the Colgate-Palmolive Company, including Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Global Personal Care and Corporate Fragrance Development, Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Innovation for Europe/South Pacific, and President and CEO of Colgate-Palmolive Spain. She joined Colgate in 1989.

Ms. Mejia has been a member of the Young Presidents Organization, the International Women’s Forum, Cosmetic Executive Women’s Organization, Venezuela American Chamber of Commerce, and the Spain chapters of the American-Spanish Chamber of Commerce. She has also been a member of the American Business Council and Circulo de Empresarios, The Business Leadership Forum of the Instituto de Empresa, and Junior Achievement.

Ms. Mejia is currently a non-Executive Director on the Board of International Consolidated Airlines Group (British Airways, Iberia, Vueling and Air Lingus).

Ms. Mejia has been a member of the Board of the Council of the Americas since October 2014.

Ms. Mejia received her Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M University.

Paul Norman President, Kellogg North America

Paul Norman has been Senior Vice President, Kellogg Company, since 2005 and President, Kellogg North America since April 2015. He is also a member of the company’s Global Leadership Team.

Mr. Norman most recently served as Kellogg’s Chief Growth Officer and led the U.S. Morning Foods business on an interim basis.

Mr. Norman joined Kellogg Company in 1987 as part of the United Kingdom’s sales organization.

From 1989 to 1996, Mr. Norman was promoted to several marketing roles in France and Canada. He was promoted to Director, Marketing, Kellogg de Mexico in 1997; to Vice President, Marketing, Kellogg USA in 1999; to President, Kellogg Canada Inc. in 2000; and to Managing Director, United Kingdom/Republic of Ireland in 2002. In 2004, he was promoted to Vice President, Kellogg Company, and President, U.S. Morning Foods. In 2008, he was promoted to President, Kellogg International. In 2012, he became President, Kellogg Europe.

Mr. Norman received a Bachelor’s degree with honors in French from Portsmouth Polytechnic in England. 

Mr. Norman serves on the GMA Board of Directors and FMI Foundation Board of Trustees.

Gary H. Pilnick Vice Chairman, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, Kellogg Company

Gary Pilnick has been Vice Chairman, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, Kellogg Company since 2016. Mr. Pilnick is also a member of the company’s Global Leadership Team.

Mr. Pilnick assumed the role of Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary in 2003 and assumed the responsibility of Corporate Development in 2004. He joined Kellogg Company in 2000 as Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary.

Prior to joining Kellogg, Mr. Pilnick was affiliated with the Chicago law firm of Jenner and Block from 1989 to 1995, which included corporate legal assignments in Chicago and Tokyo, Japan. He served as Vice President and Chief Corporate Counsel for Specialty Foods Corporation from 1995 to 1997, when he joined Sara Lee Corporation as Chief Counsel, Corporate Development and Finance. He was named Vice President and Chief Counsel, Sara Lee Branded Apparel, North and South America in February 1999.

Mr. Pilnick received a Bachelor’s degree with Honors from Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, and a Juris Doctorate with Honors from Duke University School of Law, Durham, North Carolina.

Brian S. Rice Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Kellogg Company

Brian Rice has been Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer & Global Business Services, Kellogg Company, since 2009. He is also a member of the company’s Global Leadership Team.

Mr. Rice previously held leadership positions with Kellogg Company in information technology and enterprise business practices, both in the U.S. and Asia Pacific from 1993 to 2000.

Prior to rejoining Kellogg, Mr. Rice was employed by General Motors Corporation from 2005 to 2009, where he served as Global Services Information Officer and was responsible for all aspects of global computing for the company. From 2000 to 2005, he was employed by Mars Inc. and served as Vice President and Chief Information Officer for their Asia Pacific business based in Singapore.

Mr. Rice received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Services from Ferris State University.

Clive Sirkin Chief Growth Officer, Kellogg Company

Clive Sirkin has been Chief Growth Officer, Kellogg Company, since December 2015. He is also a member of the company's Global Leadership Team.

Prior to joining Kellogg Company, Mr. Sirkin served as Kimberly-Clark's CMO since 2012. He has been credited with transforming the company's marketing capabilities, and growing revenue and profit across its consumer and business-to-business divisions. In 2014, Mr. Sirkin was named CMO of the Year by industry media group Consumer Goods Technology.

Prior to joining Kimberly-Clark, Mr. Sirkin served as Principal, Plunger Group, a consulting firm focused on working with CMOs to transform brand building from an analog advertising and communication model to a digitally driven commercial model focused on driving growth.

Prior to founding Plunger Group, Mr. Sirkin served as Group Managing Director Leo Burnett Worldwide. During his 15-year tenure with Leo Burnett, Mr. Sirkin also served as Executive Vice President – Global Director Kellogg, and Vice President, Leo Burnett Canada.

Mr. Sirkin received a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, with a focus on Economics and Marketing, from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Carol Stewart President & CEO, Kellogg Canada Inc.

Carol Stewart has been President, Kellogg Canada Inc., since 2009. She is also a member of the Kellogg North America Leadership Team and the Global Leadership Team.

Ms. Stewart has held a variety of sales and marketing leadership roles within Kellogg Canada. She began her career as a Brand Manager for Eggo and Pop-Tarts in May 1989. During the next 11 years, she held a number of roles within the Canadian marketing organization including Senior Category Manager in 1993; Marketing Director, Kid’s Cereals in 1995; and Marketing Director, Cereal in 1996. In 1998, she was promoted to the role of Vice President, Marketing, where she assumed responsibility for the company’s Convenience Foods business.

Ms. Stewart joined the Canadian Sales team as Vice President in 2001. Four years later, she was promoted to Senior Vice President, Sales, Kellogg Canada. Her leadership in this role was key to strengthening the team’s analytic, strategic planning and execution capabilities.

In 2007, Ms. Stewart resigned from Kellogg Canada to spend more time with her family. Rejoining the company in her current role as president, Kellogg Canada, she brings more than 20 years of Kellogg experience.

Ms. Stewart holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, in Waterloo, Ontario.

Doug VanDeVelde Senior Vice President, Global Breakfast Category, Kellogg Company

Doug VanDeVelde has been Kellogg Company’s Senior Vice President, Global Breakfast Category since November 2013. He also serves on the Global Growth Leadership Team and the Global Leadership Team.

Mr. VanDeVelde joined the company in 1997 as Director, Global Ready-To-Eat Cereal Development and was promoted to Vice President, Global Cereal Innovation in 1998. He was appointed Vice President, Global Cereal and Convenience Foods Innovation in March 1999 and appointed Vice President and General Manager, Wholesome Snacks, Kellogg North America in June of that year.

Mr. VanDeVelde was appointed Vice President and General Manager, Convenience Foods, Kellogg USA in 2000 and Vice President, Snacks Marketing in 2001.

In 2003, Mr. VanDeVelde was appointed Vice President, New Ventures. He was appointed Vice President, Marketing and Innovation, U.S. Wholesome Portable Breakfast Snacks in 2006; and Vice President, Innovation, U.S. Snacks in 2007. In March 2009, he was promoted to Senior Vice President, Marketing and Innovation, U.S. Snacks, and named Senior Vice President, Marketing and Innovation, U.S. Morning Foods in December 2009. Mr. VanDeVelde was appointed to his current role in 2013.

He received a Bachelor’s degree in finance from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.


2000 to 2016  – Entered biscuits, cookies, crackers with Keebler acquisition;
MorningStar farms; Kashi; acquired United Bakers Group in Russia; acquired Pringles, China joint venture; Tolaram Africa joint venture, investment in Multipro; acquired Bisco Misr in Egypt; acquired MASS Food Group in Egypt


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